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An advanced utility for the creation of ADABAS test data AdaCre8 was developed to provide an alternative to having to make a copy of the entire production database. AdaCre8 is able to shuffle sensitive data items so that identities are hidden. AdaCre8 allows the tester to specify the size of the test database as a percentage of the production database.

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How does it work? AdaCre8 reads the ADABAS backup files and extracts a percentage of the database as specified. Data items that have been identified as sensitive are shuffled. The data is loaded into the test database. Benefits Real-world data can be used without touching the production database. No disruption of the production system takes place as the test data is created from backup files. No action is required to reduce the size of the database which leads to unnecessary development and if not done completely, to integrity problems. The set of test data can be kept current without running costly and unwieldy refresh procedures. The integrity of the data is maintained. Data items that have been deemed to be sensitive can be shuffled to hide identities without any costly development. The size of the test database can be varied as this is determined as a percentage by the tester

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