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A powerful data archive tool for ADABAS C for Z/OS and UNIX

A Lively zip utility software for any environment

Moving data from one platform to another can be time-consuming and tedious - but it's also critically important for every large organisation. In recognition of the impact these transmissions can have on bottom line performance, Bateleur Software developed ZIPDITTO. Specifically written to handle columnar data, ZIPDITTO achieves a dramatically high rate of compression in an incredibly short time.

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How does it work?

For example, an organisation creating a data warehouse needs to move massive amounts of data from its mainframe to the data warehouse server. The IT manager faces three hurdles: preparing the data on the mainframe; transferring it; and loading it into the data warehouse tables. The first hurdle can be overcome by using programs to extract data from the database. Secondly, FTP can be used to transfer the data to the data warehouse server, and the third part is handled by data warehouse software. Typically, the time-consuming element lies in transmitting the data, shortening this leg requires that the data is compressed first and then decompressed when it arrives at the data warehouse server. The table below shows the times taken to transmit raw data compared to that required to compress it up front using InfoZip's zip utility for S/390 and ZIPDITTO.

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