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A powerful data archive tool for ADABAS C for Z/OS and UNIX.

Archiving massive volumes of data using standard techniques has become unmanageable. It may be theoretically possible, but it's also cumbersome, difficult to maintain and painfully slow. And yet, for Database Administrators (DBAs) of large corporations, completely necessary.

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With extensive experience in the large system environment, Bateleur Software understands the six steps required:

  • Unload the file
  • Decompress the file
  • Program the selection criteria
  • Apply the program to split out the selected data to one output file and the non-required data to another
  • Recompress the selected output file and load it back into the database
  • And finally recompress the unwanted data and send it to the archive

We also understand that you seldom have the time or the space to do all this, so we developed ADASPLIT, an archive tool which splits output files by selected criteria. A South African Government Department has used ADASPLIT to archive data in less than 30 hours which was estimated would have taken 511 days and cost millions of Rands.

How does it work?

ADASPLIT separates records from an unloaded ADABAS file in ADAULD or ADACMP compressed format. This is done in two files according to user-specified criteria, and without decompressing the files. The output file matching the selection criteria is then reloaded into the database and the unwanted records are archived in either compressed or decompressed format. Files can include PE's or MUs.


With ADASPLIT, DBAs have more time for strategic issues. Since ADASPLIT doesn't need decompressed files at any time during the process, ADASPLIT also saves on disk space usage. Also, there are noticeable savings in CPU usage, with a 50% run-time reduction. For example, if a standard ADAULD application processes 1 million records in three minutes, ADASPLIT will process the same number of records in one minute.

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