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A superior utility for sorting records from unloaded ADABAS C files ADASORT sorts ADABAS files in compressed format and is easy to use Sorting records is a drain on precious, costly resources – such as time, processing capacity and manpower. Bateleur Software has developed ADASORT, a utility for sorting records from unloaded files.

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In order to run a typical sort job the following steps are required:

  • Unload the ADABAS file
  • Decompress it
  • Set up SORT parameters
  • Run SORT
  • Recompress the SORT output file
  • Load the SORT output file back to the database

Bateleur Software understands how convoluted these steps can become, particularly when you are dealing with large volumes of data. How does it work? ADASORT sorts the records in an ADAULD unloaded file, as specified by the user. The records are sorted without decompressing the files – a major advantage as they do not need to be recompressed later. The records are taken individually from the unloaded file, prefixed by the values that make up the sort key and supplied to SORT. When SORT returns them, the sort key is stripped off and the sorted ADAULD file can be loaded. It’s that simple! A further plus is that the file can contain PIEs and MUs. The parameter card onsists of a list of fields on which the data must be sorted. The format of the field is taken from the FDT: Format “A” fields as “CH” Format “U” and “P” fields as “PD” Format “B” fields as BI” Benefits: ADASORT is easy to implement, easy to use and requires only minimal training. Since it doesn’t need decompressed files at any time during the process, ADASORT also saves on disk space usage. Already, corporates are achieving spectacular results. A major bank has cut its month end run time by 60%, and a large financial services firm slashed the time taken to sort files among 2.5 million records by 91%.

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