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E STRIP strip parent and child records to the same ADABAS output file.

Bateleur Software has extended the capability of CCA’s ADASTRIP data extraction utility by creating eSTRIP. Records that are related by a common key can be extracted to create subsets of data. Once a parent file has been stripped, the child files can be stripped, and related records end up in the same output file.

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The components that make up the stripping process are:

  • eSTRIP which handles the input parameter cards and reading of any external data. It then calls ADASTRIP.
  • eSTRIPX, an ADASTRIP user exit. An input parameter to ADASTRIP requesting that the eSTRIP user exit is present.

How does it work?

eSTRIP reads the parameter cards. These are either stored in memory for later use by eSTRIPX or acted upon by reading, sorting and creating the in-memory tables.


200 files (an ADASTRIP limitation) can be stripped in a single invocation of eSTRIP, with dependent "child" files being stripped in a subsequent invocation The values in the sequential file need not be sorted beforehand as this will be done when they are loaded into the memory table. The ISN (##) can also be used as values to be saved or tested against.

The following USER exits are included in ESTRIP:

  • STRIPCSV - Converts ADASTRIP output to a Comma-separated-value format. Negative zoned decimal numbers are catered for and decimal points can be inserted. Natural Date and Time fields will be converted to an acceptable format.

    Sorts out the negative zoned decimal fields that cause a problem when the data is transferred to a different platform.


    Value + 123 = F1F2F3 value – 123 = F1F2D3 Is changed to –123 for SQL databases that don’t know what to do with F1F2D3

    Combines the features of Zonedec and Zipditto to convert the ADASTRIP output into compressed ASCII data as one smooth operation.

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