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Enterprise Data Integration

  •    PowerCenter
  •    PowerExchange
  •    Data Integration Hub

The Informatica enterprise data integration product family is scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration software. These products access and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at any speed. Powered by Vibe™ virtual data machine, these enterprise data integration products enable your IT organization to dramatically lower costs, boost productivity, and reduce risk—all the while meeting business demands for timely, relevant, trustworthy data.
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Data Quality

  •    AddressDoctor
  •    Data Explorer
  •    Data Quality

Informatica Data Quality delivers authoritative and pervasive data quality to all stakeholders, projects, and data domains for all projects and applications—on premise or in the cloud—using a single, unified platform. Powered by Informatica’s Vibe™ virtual data machine, it allows you to proactively monitor and cleanse your data in a consistent and reusable manner regardless of the underlying platform and technologies, empowering the business to share in the responsibility for data quality and governance.
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Master Data Management

  •    Master Data Management
  •    Product Information Management (PIM)
  •    Identity Resolution
  •    Informatica Cloud MDM

The Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) product family delivers consolidated and reliable business-critical data—also known as master data—to the applications that employees rely on every day. Leading firms in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, government, energy and other industries rely on this software to cut costs and drive revenue by improving operations and making more informed decisions across the enterprise. It empowers companies like yours to acquire and retain more customers, deliver better products and services, and accelerate time-to-value from acquisitions.
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Application ILM

  •    Data Archive
  •    Data Subset
  •    Data Warehouse Advisor
  •    ILM Nearline

Informatica Application Information Lifecycle Management software empowers your IT organization to cost-effectively handle data growth, safely retire legacy systems and applications, optimize test data management, and protect sensitive data. By handling every phase of the data lifecycle, your IT team can improve information lifecycle management and better support application optimization, regulatory compliance, IT consolidation, and mergers & acquisitions.

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B2B Data Exchange

  •    B2B Data Exchange
  •    B2B Data Transformation
  •    HParser
  •    ILM Nearline

Informatica B2B Data Exchange offers a comprehensive management and monitoring environment that allows organizations to aggregate, exchange, and share data. It also provides universal transformation for all data formats, including unstructured data, industry-standard data, XML, and a number of proprietary formats. With Informatica B2B Data Exchange, organizations can easily integrate the volume and variety of data and streamline secured information exchange across channels. The software reduces onboarding time by up to 80 percent, rapidly identifies and resolves problems to improve customer and partner relationships, and maximizes overall operational performance.

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Data Masking

  •    Dynamic Data Masking
  •    Persistent Data Masking

Informatica Data Masking products are highly scalable, high-performance data masking software. Informatica Data Masking products dynamically mask sensitive production data from unauthorized access and permanently and irreversibly mask nonproduction data. With this software, your IT organization can comply with data privacy regulations and organization-wide data privacy mandates and can reduce the risk of a data breach.

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Data Virtualization

  •    Data Services

Informatica data virtualization software provides your organization with a data abstraction layer for fast and direct access to data from many disparate sources, without the need for physical movement. With Informatica Data Services, data is accessed, combined, and then federated across several heterogeneous sources to deliver a virtual view or virtual database. This federated data is profiled, cleansed, transformed, masked, and delivered in real time. As a result, the business gets the trustworthy data it needs without delay, making BI, MDM, and SOA integration projects more agile and lower in cost, through increased productivity and reuse.

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Data Replication

  •    Data Replication
  •    Fast Clone

The Informatica Data Replication family of products offers a uniquely reliable, high-performance, and low-latency technology that is economical, easy to implement, and nonintrusive. With Informatica’s database-agnostic and heterogeneous solution, enterprises have been able to access current data from within their business-critical operational systems irrespective of the complexity and diversity of the IT landscape.

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