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Adastrip User Exits



STRIPCSV converts ADASTRIP output to a comma-separated-value format. Negative zoned decimal numbers are catered for and decimal points can be inserted. NATURAL date and time fields will be converted to an accepted format. Column heading can optionally be supplied.


STRIPFMT formats ADASTRIP output in much the same way that STRIPCSV does, except the output columns will be fixed width


STRIPZIP combines the features of ZONEDEC and ZIPDITTO to convert the ADASTRIP output into compressed ASCII data as one smooth operation. This means that the output dataset is relatively small and that the transmission time is short. The output file must be variable record format.


ZONEDEC sorts out the negative zoned decimal fields which cause a problem when the data is transferred to a different platform. It examines each zoned decimal field and if the sign is negative, the first position will be replaced by a minus sign. The last digit will be made displayable. If the first digit is not a zero, ZONEDEC abends to prevent the loss of any data. This abend can be circumvented by increasing the length of the output field using ADASTRIP's length card. The output files can be either variable or fixed record format.


Moving data from one platform to another can be time-consuming and tedious - but it's also critically important for every large organisation. In recognition of the impact these transmissions can have on bottom line performance, Bateleur Software developed ZIPDITTO. Specifically written to handle columnar data, ZIPDITTO achieves a dramatically high rate of compression in an incredibly short time. Visit the Zipditto page

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